24/7 and in all-weather conditions

ONL develops innovative route planning services based on the SpaceNavTM (Space Based Maritime Navigation) system.

The SpaceNavTM technology fuses ship-specific parameters such as yaw, pitch, roll, sailing speed, GPS position, structural stress, engine parameters, drift, loading condition, wetness, etc. with real-time weather and sea state observations.

Observations are acquired through several Earth observation platforms and include information about waves, winds, currents, sea ice concentration and drift. By combining observations from multiple sensors, weaknesses of one particular sensor are compensated for by the characteristics of another. The sensor suite is chosen such that the sensors’ capabilities partly overlap and complement each other. This makes SpaceNavTM an all-weather, 24/7 surveillance and route plan system.

All these observations, parameters and boundary conditions are integrated to generate an optimal route plan that assists the master in selecting the optimal route and speed pattern to the next port.

The end-result is significantly better than if you rely your route planning on weather forecast models only!